Why Political Theatre?

Why restart this solo blog, last active in 2012, given my view of politics? I see it, of course, as corrupt and corrupting, and designed to fool the people into thinking they have some say over the state. In other words, it’s a fraud, and a potent and dangerous one, run by nasties who seek coercive power over others, and love war and other forms of killing.

Only Ron Paul—who did not seek nor want power over others–was able to use the system against itself, to teach millions here and abroad about Austrian economics, freedom, and peace.

I do have to confess, though I don’t even vote—and why in the world would I?-that I do follow politics, and indeed was long involved in it, before going straight. Now I enjoy puncturing their balloons, and translating their propaganda into plain language.

NB: this is not a place for positive news as sculpted by the campaigns: “Politician X Introduces Bill To Stop Wasps From Stinging Children.” Of course, I want to sting the pols.

Last time, LRC readers seemed to like my subversive point of view. I hope you do again.