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Political Theatre

Giant Google Attacks Little LRC" >Giant Google Attacks Little LRC

They cut off our advertising income, which was substantial, for telling the truth about vaccines, elections, population control, the great reset etc. (or as they put it, spreading “misinformation”).

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2:51 pm on October 5, 2021

Oberlin Student Traumatized by ‘Cisgender’ Male Workers Installing Radiators

Thanks, John F. Miller. 

Horror of horrors, there seems to be a dearth of qualified “transgenders” in the radiator installing trade.  Imagine that. 

“The bird a nest; the spider a web; man, friendship.”  William Blake


3:34 pm on October 17, 2021

Pfizer whistleblower says vaccine ‘glows,’ contains ‘toxic’ luciferase, graphene oxide compounds.

Thanks, John Miller.

3:13 pm on October 17, 2021

Russian Duma chairman calls for revoking Nobel Peace Prize for war criminals

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Rick Rozoff.


2:19 pm on October 17, 2021

Avoiding a Soylent Future

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Eric Peters


2:07 pm on October 17, 2021

China Tests New Hypersonic Nuclear-Capable Missile That Circled Entire Globe at Low-Orbit – US Military Officials Stunned

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Gateway Pundit


1:09 pm on October 17, 2021

NYC Judge Prevents Father From Visiting His Daughter Unless He Takes the Covid Jab

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Summit News


1:08 pm on October 17, 2021

Navy To Separate Unvaccinated Officers Under Same Category Used For Drug Offenders and Sexual Deviants

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National File


1:08 pm on October 17, 2021

How Gates, Fauci, and Schwab Hijacked Covid-19 To Usher in a New World Order That Will ‘Build Back Better’

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Humans Are Free


1:06 pm on October 17, 2021

Parking Lot “Markets” Spring Up in Lithuania To Cater to the Uninjected

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12:54 pm on October 17, 2021

What Southwest DOESN’T Want You To Know…

12:53 pm on October 17, 2021

With ‘Mayor Pete’ on Paternity Leave, Biden Chooses Navy Climate Change Guy with No Commercial Shipping Experience To Address Shipping Crisis

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Gateway Pundit


2:58 am on October 17, 2021

Did Klaus Schwab and World Economic Forum Admit the Covid Vaccine Injects Traceable Markers? Their Promoted “CovidPass” Blood Test Requires Them.

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Last Refuge. Thanks, John Frahm.


2:57 am on October 17, 2021

The Farmer’s Market

Writes Catholic Southern Mom:

This Saturday morning, I made it to the Farmer’s Market on the square. First, I ran some errands, and finally made it over to the Market right before noon.

The farmer and farmwife from whom I bought today are a great looking couple, in their late 50s. The farmer said he had been up since 3:30am, picking and packing, and then driving in and setting up his tables and baskets around 5:30am. So, he was tired and ready to close shop.

Everything looked peak and beautiful, bursting in color and flavor (he gives away tasting samples). I bought 4 turnips, a small mess of curly mustard greens, 3 green tomatoes, 3 red tomatoes, a big mess of okra (sadly, last of the season, if we get frost next week), and 5 little red apples … all organic, all for $6.

I think he was cutting deals in the last hour, so normally one might pay $12-15. And, it is easy to spend $30 at the Farmer’s Market; but, do not feel guilty … it is organic, you can always juice or can it, and it helps to have a relationship with where your food comes from. What, after all, do you pay for just one entreé at your favorite restaurant?

Today the farmer also had, a dozen kinds of spicy peppers, sweet potatoes, Irish and red potatoes, squashes like Acorn and Butternut, onions, two kinds of apples (both organic and super fresh; I juice one a day). I asked after kale, which I had purchased from him last week. He said he didn’t have time to pick it this morning. Pity, that. Maybe it will make it through the first light frosts of our rural Tennessee, and he will have kale next week.

He said he would have plenty of green and red tomatoes next week, for I want to make several batches of salsa and relish (Green Tomato Relish is all the rage).

He and his wife also sell every canned fruit or vegetable you can imagine, from his wife’s kitchen, $5 per 16 ounce jar. Organic, cheaper than the grocery, and fresh from the season.

They have been doing this “truck farming” for 37 years.

One wonders if he and his wife would take on a couple of helpers once a week (son and me) in exchange for some produce??  It would be satisfying to help save more of the harvest and perhaps can more for the winter.

Not that they need any help. Any leftovers the farmer has go toward fattening up his two hogs. He said he will have some sausage for sale before Christmas.

May God bless and keep the farmer!

Here are two photos.

Curly Mustard Greens and little red Apples

A mess of Okra and red and green (unripe) Tomatoes

2:56 am on October 17, 2021

The Revolving Door: All 3 FDA-authorized Covid shot companies employ former FDA commissioners

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Jordan Schachtel


2:53 am on October 17, 2021


Overnight, all of the people’s money was gone…

Thanks, Bill Sardi. 

2:53 am on October 17, 2021

British cops stopped priest from giving last rites as stabbed Catholic politician lay dying

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Lifesite News


4:00 pm on October 16, 2021

OK Gov and AG Fight Back Against Federal Vaccine Mandate

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Last Refuge


3:29 pm on October 16, 2021

Nebraska AG Issues Opinion on Doctors Prescribing HCQ and Ivermectin for Covid Treatment: Will Not Face Punishment

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Gateway Pundit


3:27 pm on October 16, 2021

A CONTAGION of COURAGE is spreading across America as pilots, police, firefighters, and other workers say, “Take this JAB and SHOVE it!”

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Natural News.  Thanks, Christine Ross.


3:26 pm on October 16, 2021

The Military and Intelligence Origins of Public Health

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Covert Geopolitics


3:26 pm on October 16, 2021

Out of Crete, Not Africa

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Oldest footprints of pre-humans identified.


12:25 pm on October 16, 2021

4 In 10 TSA Employees Remain Unvaccinated As Deadline Looms

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12:13 pm on October 16, 2021

CNN contributor sides with Joe Rogan, slams network for ‘horsesh**, dishonest’ claim he took horse-dewormer

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12:11 pm on October 16, 2021

Huge Dock Worker Protests In Italy, As Covid ‘Green Pass’ Takes Effect

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Zero Hedge


12:10 pm on October 16, 2021

German State Allows Food Stores To Ban The Unvaccinated

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Zero Hedge


12:10 pm on October 16, 2021

After Rapid-Fire “Blame Putin” Headlines, European Commission Quietly Affirms Russia Is Not Manipulating Gas Market

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Zero Hedge


12:09 pm on October 16, 2021

Evidence of Hunter & Joe Biden’s Shady Conduct Continues To Pile Up, But Nobody Cares, Analyst Says

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Sputnik News


12:03 pm on October 16, 2021

The US is waging an evil war on poor, unfortunate Lebanon, which has been an unruly playground of Western misdeeds for decades

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RT News


12:02 pm on October 16, 2021

27,247 Deaths 2,563,768 Injuries Following Covid Shots in European Database – Taiwan Records More Deaths from Vaccine than Virus

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Vaccine Impact. Thanks, David Krall and Ola in Norway.


11:58 am on October 16, 2021

Facebook Hearings Parody

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Armstrong Economics


11:54 am on October 16, 2021