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Political Theatre

ICE Nominee Worked With BLM To Push False Claim That White Man Murdered 7-Year-Old Black Girl

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Free Beacon


3:20 pm on May 13, 2021

Armenia appeals to CSTO after Azerbaijan stages armed incursions

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Rick Rozoff


3:06 pm on May 13, 2021

Covid vaccines ‘must be halted immediately,’ renowned toxicologist tells CDC

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Lifesite News. Thanks, Brian Dunaway. 


1:27 pm on May 13, 2021

Merriam-Webster Expands Definition of ‘Anti-Vaxxer’ to Include Those Who Oppose Forced Jabs

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1:18 pm on May 13, 2021

‘Constitutional Republic Is Lost’: More Than 100 Retired Top Military Brass Cast Doubt on 2020 US Election Outcome, Biden’s Health

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Sputnik News


1:12 pm on May 13, 2021

Students launch a communist club at Columbia University

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1:11 pm on May 13, 2021

U.S. nuclear-capable bomber fires Mach-8 hypersonic missile in simulated Arctic drill

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Rick Rozoff


1:10 pm on May 13, 2021

CAUGHT: ‘Inconvenient’ U.S. Wildfire Data Has Been ‘Disappeared’ by National Interagency Fire Center

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Anthony Watts


12:56 pm on May 13, 2021

Tesla Suspends Bitcoin Payments Over ‘Concerns About Environmental Impact’

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Zero Hedge. Thanks, Christine Ross. 


12:55 pm on May 13, 2021

Magnets Cling to Where People Are Vaccinated

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Martin Armstrong


12:50 pm on May 13, 2021

Kevin McCarthy Says Nobody Questions ‘Legitimacy Of The Presidential Election’, Says He’ll Be House Speaker In 2023

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12:46 pm on May 13, 2021

Eric Clapton After Covid Shot: ‘I should never have gone near the needle’

Writes Ginny Garner:


Guitarist/singer/songwriter Eric Clapton took both AstraZeneca shots and his hands and feet became numb, frozen or burning and he was afraid he would never play guitar again. He said he got the jabs because “the propaganda said it was safe for everyone.” He’s now allied with America’s Frontline Doctors, who were successfully treating patients with HCQ but found themselves censored online and smeared and even some like Dr. Simone Gold losing their jobs. 

“I’ve been a rebel all my life, against tyranny and arrogant authority, which is what we have now,” says Clapton, :but I also crave fellowship, compassion and love, and that I find here.”


12:43 pm on May 13, 2021

Former Pfizer VP: Why are we being lied to about Covid? There’s no good reason

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Lifesite News. Thanks, Christine Ross.


12:38 pm on May 13, 2021

The Real Reason Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, and Google Want You To Eat Lab-Grown ‘Meat’

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Children’s Health Defense


2:58 am on May 13, 2021

3 U.S. soldiers charged with supplying firearms used in recent Chicago shootings, homicides

Rick Rozoff:

If they were doing this in Syria they’d get medals.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. – Three U.S. Army soldiers have been charged in federal court for allegedly supplying guns used in recent Chicago shootings and homicides.

Demarcus Adams, 21, Jarius Brunson, 22, and Brandon Miller, 22, all enlisted members of the U.S. Army and stationed at the Fort Campbell, were arrested Tuesday morning for their alleged involvement.

The investigation into the soldiers began after one person was shot and killed and seven others were wounded at a South Side birthday party on March 26. Police said five of the firearms were purchased from Federal Firearms Licensed dealers in the Clarksville, Tennessee area.

Further investigation identified Adams, Brunson and Miller as the alleged majority purchasers of the firearms.

Authorities believe the trio purchases 91 firearms from multiple FFLs in Clarksville and in Kentucky.

Once the firearms were purchased, which happened during the last five months, Miller then would allegedly provide them to people he knew in Chicago, according to the criminal complaint.

On April 28, a federal search warrant was executed at the home of Miller and Adams in Clarksville, where 49 empty firearms cases were recovered. Many of these empty cases were matched to firearms recovered by the Chicago Police Department at the scene of recent shootings and homicides.

They have been charged with transferring a firearm to an out-of-state resident; making false statements during the purchase of a firearm; engaging in the business without a firearms license; wire fraud; money laundering; and conspiracy to commit Title 18 offenses.

If convicted, the defendants face up to 20 years in prison.


2:47 pm on May 12, 2021

Why are magnets sticking to people who have been jabbed?

Thanks, Christine Ross.

2:44 pm on May 12, 2021

‘Our Nation Is In Deep Peril’: More Than 120 Retired Flag Officers Sign Open Letter Warning of Biden’s ‘Tyrannical’ Policies

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Daily Caller. Thanks, John Frahm.


2:40 pm on May 12, 2021

UK: Vaccine Passport for International Travel Will Soon Be on NHS App

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Breitbart. Thanks, Christine Ross.


2:38 pm on May 12, 2021

Ok thank You Eric

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Martin Armstrong


2:14 pm on May 12, 2021

The Real Reason Govt Allowed Bitcoin

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Martin Armstrong


2:12 pm on May 12, 2021

American homeschooling DOUBLED last year.

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2:08 pm on May 12, 2021

TransKids-Loving Ark. Gov. Asa Hutchinson Complains about Trump Dividing the GOP

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Big League Politics


10:35 am on May 12, 2021

Two young mothers paralyzed after receiving Pfizer’s covid shot

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Lifesite News


9:37 am on May 12, 2021

Oops: MIT researchers infiltrate ‘anti-maskers,’ but find they ‘practice a form of data literacy in spades’

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Lifesite News


9:36 am on May 12, 2021

Vatican uses pro-abortion terminology ‘pro-choice’ for first time in ‘abdication of moral authority’

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Lifesite News


9:35 am on May 12, 2021

SC Gov. Henry McMaster Issues Order Empowering Parents To Decide on Masks in Schools, Restricts Local Mask Mandates, and Prohibits Vaccine Passports

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9:32 am on May 12, 2021

The Most Lethal Act That Kills Governments

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Martin Armstrong


3:41 pm on May 11, 2021

The American Cyber Stasi Will Suppress All Digital Dissent In Biden’s Dystopia

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One World. Thanks, John Frahm.


3:36 pm on May 11, 2021

SB 267

Writes Paula Deist:

Regardless of where you stand on vaccines it is my hope that you’ll stand for individual autonomy and the natural right to reject any medical procedure, including forced shots.

The Alabama Senate version of SB267 does the following:

Prohibits the issuance of vaccine passports by state and local government entities.

Prohibits businesses from denying goods or services based on an individual’s vaccine status.

The House Health Committee substituted version does the following:

Allows institutions of higher education to require vaccinations but must accept medical and religious exemptions for employees and students.

Allows medical care providers and facilities to DENY care to individuals who do not vaccinate according to the doctor’s/institution’s policies. Want to refuse the flu shot that your doctor recommends? They can refuse to provide any further care to you unless you comply with their policy.

Below is a post card so that we can see SB267 on the House Special Order Calender for the LAST day of session on May 17th. Please forward to your contacts that agree that healthcare is an individual, personal choice.

3:34 pm on May 11, 2021

Kamala’s Cruel New America: TX Farmer Finds 5 Young Girls Alone and Crying On His Ranch…One Was Naked

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Gateway Pundit


3:15 pm on May 11, 2021